The emblem of our excellence


Dear friends, on behalf of all the instructors, we would like to welcome you to the Moena Dolomiti Ski and Snowboard School, one of the most renown Schools in the Alps in terms of the importance and number of instructor.

Our School has been operating for more than 40 years in the Moena, Alpe Lusia and Passo di San Pellegrino area.

You will find snowboard instructors, national instructors, FISI trainers, telemark instructors and Alpine guides that will be able to satisfy your every need through diverse activities, from snowboarding to telemarking, from freestyling to freeriding, you will be monitored by cameras for video lessons or have some competition lessons amongst the race poles, whilst at the same time benefiting from an insurance cover against injuries or damage you may cause to others.

What we offer

Our school fields on the Alpe di Lusia and at the Passo di San Pellegrino are equipped with “treadmills” and educational games to enable kids to learn to ski in a manner that is safe, fun and not physically demanding.

Special lessons like: snowboard lessons, carving lessons, telemarking lessons, Alpine Skiing excursions, humps bumps, slalom with flexible poles, fresh snow, organisation of races with electronic timing.

During the lessons you are insured against injuries and damage that you may cause to others.

Skiing for kids

Group courses with specialised instructors prepared in a safe environment for learning whilst playing.

Skiing for adults

Every student will be assigned to the class that most suits his/her technical capacities following a selection process at the start of the course.

For all participants: end of course race, evaluation sheet and medal as memoir.


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