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In the past few years the new trend in skiing, and therefore in the skiing market, has certainly been the “freeride”. Freeride does not simply mean skiing on fresh powdery snow in optimal conditions but it also means adapting your technique and movements outside of standard pistes.

This is why our School organizes lessons for people who want to change the routine of pistes and want to experience new excitement with their skis or snowboards. In complete safety, we start you off on the simplest slopes so that you can understand what it is you will find off the pistes.

Our instructors will explain the techniques, materials and equipment that must be used off the pistes, and will accompany you in these splendid descents in complete freedom and safety, enabling you to experience the purest essence of skiing.

Naturally, to be able to do this, a firm grasp of the basics of skiing is required.

Check out our photogallery and experience this world with us… you will never want to leave it.

Freeride course for ski & snowboard

For those who wants run away of the abitual routine of the skiing and for who wants understand how works the freeride, the fresh snow and know the security, Moena – Dolomiti Ski School organizes a introducing course of freeride.

Freeride is the new method for live the mountain on ski or snowboard completely!

For approaching you on this new learning, Moena – Dolomiti Ski School wants dedicate a full immersion course in wich will be learned the freeride’s technique and will be increase the rules and the methodologies of rescue through the employment of ARTVA, shovel and probe.

The course take place on Passo San Pellegrino where, on the North side of Col Margherita, you’ll find on of the few monitored freeride’s routes of Trentino. This will give you the opportunity to work safety.

Organized on 3 mornings, from 9.00 am to 1.00 pm, or on request in others schedules, our specialized instructors and alpine guides will accompany you across awesome views, through this new experience, feeling your sense of freedom!

The gruop will be made up by a minimum of 4 persons and a maximum of 10. The course is composed by 3 days for 4 hours per day. The price is 200,00 €. For parteciping the employment of ARTVA, shovel and probe is indispensable. Yuo can rent them at our rental shop.


Our ski areas include two important snowparks: SNOWPARK LA MOREA at Alpe Lusia-Bellamonte and EASYSNOWPARK at Passo San Pellegrino.

With us you can come in the freestyle’s world for take on your first kickers, rails, half pipe o for improve your technique and discover new tricks.

With ours ski and snowboard instructors you’ll commandeer corks, 540°, 360°, backflips, frontflips and all the tricks with fun and completely safe!

All the barriers, the Slopestyle and the Big Air, until Halfpipe and Quarterpipe are located in a pure landscape, heritage of UNESCO, marked with the slogan “Challenge yourself, not the rock!”

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